About As a long lasting well known scientific journal, Scandia (ISSN: 0036-5483) is focused mainly on History, social sciences, geography and urban spaces` history/historiography and the related literature in Nordic, European and non-European regions. The historical theory and the formation methods are also concerned. As a new feature, in order to expand the journal audiences, Scandia has added a general section which includes papers of multidisciplinary topics in all other fields of sciences printed as a supplement for each issue.
As a semiannual publication, each issue contains 8-10 in-depth articles and reviews on main scopes of the journal in addition to 20-24 articles on other fields of sciences. Scandia publishes articles and reviews in Swedish, English and Norwegian. Articles in Danish are also published. Geographical distribution of authors has always been an important consideration of the journal.
All papers pass a double blind peer review system in order to ensure a high quality of research and originality. Reviewers are selected from all other the world with expertise in difference fields of sciences.
Authors of accepted papers will receive 6 hardcopies of the journal free of charge.